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sankt petersburg 2018
october 2018

Advanced Aesthetic face, breast and body contouring. 2018

The best and most intense congress I have ever attended took place this October at St. Petersburg.

There were four days full of live surprises and presentations from six o’clock in the morning to eight o'clock in the evening. During these days, I had the chance to see the best body contouring surgeons at work: Al Aly, Alfredo Hoyos, Daniel Del Vechio, Alexander Aslani, Constantino Mendieta, Bradley Calobrace, Richard Abs, Raul Gonzalez and the list goes on.

It was an incredible experience, a surgery marathon, a unique congress that helped me understand new techniques that I can’t wait to put into practice.

Crenguta Coman - curs 4D Liposculpture cu lipofilling pentru augmentarea feselor si a sanilor
may 2018

4D Liposuction course with Lipofilling to augment buttocks and breasts

I recently returned from a special place - Marbella - where I attended a 2-day Body Contouring course organized by ISAPS. There were 2 days full of live surgeries and serious debates.

The theme of the course is trending nowadays: 4D liposuction with lipofilling to augment buttocks and breasts by using devices and techniques that help us achieve not only beautiful, but also sustainable results.

The liposuction surgery using the liposculpture technique is the newest trend in the aesthetic surgery field. By combining it with lipofilling to augment buttocks and breasts, we get an intervention with spectacular results.

If you want more information about the intervention, the technique or the recovery period, please book an appointment.

Crenguta Coman - Curs de chirurgie estetica faciala, Sankt Petersburg
october 2017

Facial Aesthetic Surgery Course, St. Petersburg

During my 18 years of experience in plastic surgery, I attended a few courses and congresses that have a big influence in what I do every day. I add this fifth course organized by ISAPS in St. Petersburg to the list.

There were 4 days of live surgery demonstrations. Surgeons who have a lot of operating-room experience, showed us their own technique on carefully chosen cases. I think we all learnt many new things that we can put into practice and that will help us achieve more beautiful results.

Crenguta Coman la Global Aestetics Academy
october 2017

Workshop marathon in Sofia: 30th September – 1st October – Global Aesthetics Academy

Dr. Beatriz Beltran organized a 2-day workshop with live demos and hands-on presentations using Sinclair Pharma - Ellanse and Perfectha - products. To complete the team, the organizers invited Dr. Svetlana Larkina from Ukraine, a specialist in Botox treatments. This is the second workshop organized by Global Aesthetics that I attend and I am convinced of the efficacy of the products.

The cases presented there were edifying and the results were very beautiful. I'm glad that I was there and that I was able to improve my vision in everything regarding anti-aging treatments, by using performance products. The innovation in treating signs of aging is represented by combining surgical interventions (where needed) with injections of botulinum toxin (BTX), hyaluronic acid and collagen-stimulating products (Ellanse).

june 2017

Positive thoughts after a highly scientific event organized by ISAPS in Romania

It was a great opportunity to hear all the presentations and to be next to Sinclair Pharma (Global Aesthetics) at this event. The meeting lasted 3 days and brought together many renowned plastic surgeons from all over the world, that were proud to present and share their work with us. I believe it’s always in the benefit of the plastic surgeon to attend such events, because they represent an opportunity to expand our knowledge, make new connections and get in touch with new techniques, appropriate for our field of science.

I feel confident when thinking about the future and I will continue to evolve and do wonderful procedures to my patients!

june 2017

Highly instructive experience, professional training and trustful products

This is how I would summarize these 2 days that I spent on training in Lisbon.

I have just returned from this high-level training organized by Sinclair Pharma, with fresh information and positive impressions. It was a very intense session, in a renowned aesthetic surgery clinic, endorsed by experienced plastic surgeons. My conclusion after this training is that we need to approach the aging process in a more complex manner, Sinclair Pharma products offering durable and sustainable results.

Everything was organized in a professional manner in order to allow both the appropriate demonstration of the efficiency of the products and the complex approach of the aging process. Therefore, I consider the entire hyaluronic acid line (PERFECTHA) and the collagen stimulator with durable effect (ELLANSE) to be powerful weapons in this fight against the aging process. We need to use them at their maximum potential and tailor the solutions according to each patient. Sinclair Pharma products are being used for many years now and have real and satisfactory results, according to clinical studies that have been made throughout the years.

My professional experience has definitely increased after taking part on this training and I’m ready to fight the aging process with the help of these revolutionary products.

june 2017, Lisabona, Portugal

Sinclair Pharma revolutionary products

From June 8th to June 9th I will attend a Sinclair Pharma course at the Milenio Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Lisbon. Sinclair Pharma is a company that is committed to improving the facial aesthetic aspect using hyaluronic acid-based fillers and collagen-stimulating products. The course will be interactive, with live talks and injections made by both the trainer and the trainees.

The Sinclar Pharma's portfolio was launched this spring in Romania. They are high-technology products, easy to inject, that offer long-lasting results. Apart from the hyaluronic acid, the company has developed a range for collagen stimulation, Ellanse, which is completely biodegradable but has long-lasting effects and also offers spectacular results.

When it comes to rejuvenation, fillers and substances that stimulate collagen are a very important part, because they manage to bring volume to the areas where hypotrophy occurs and also visibly improve the quality of the skin. I hope to get beautiful and long-lasting results using these products and I honestly trust that I will be able to add this part to my medical experience.

Crenguta Coman la Spitalul Federal Andarai din Rio de Janeiro
february 2017, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Postbariatric surgery - the Brazilian model

I had the chance to spend two weeks in Brazil this year, together with one of those special people who put their fingerprint on everything they do. Professor Carlos de Pino Roxo is a surgeon specialized in post-bariatric surgery - the surgery that corrects the excess of skin that remains after massive weight loss. He had over 700 patients in the last 15 years and he is a true mentor and also an incredible man.


He welcomed us in his team and showed us all the steps of the surgery, from the pre-operative drawings to the remote results. I actually got the chance to enter the operating room and assisted some surgeries, in order to understand what this surgery truly means and how to do it best.


He received us among his team and showed us all the steps of the interventions, from the preoperative drawing to the remote results. I have actually participated in some interventions and have deepened what this surgery means and how to do it best.


I will be always grateful to him every time the outcome of the surgery will make my patients happy.

Anti-aging non-surgical procedures

Dr. Crenguta Coman performs these procedures and believes in natural results, when you desire a more youthful look. Only knowing more about these injectables, you will discover how benefic they are for “stopping” time.

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