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Breast surgery

Breast Augmentation

One of the most common female complex remains the small size of breasts. This is the reason why most women who heard of breast implants have a lot of questions about this procedure. A plastic surgeon can make this complex disappear entirely and the surgery guarantees a better self-image, social and sentimental life.

What are the most common questions? The ones like: how big will the pain be during the post-operation period? Will the breasts be as big as I want them to be? How long will this new breast size last? What are the risks and what complications can occur?

breast surgery dr crenguta coman

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and on average it takes one hour. The implant is inserted by making different incisions, according to the surgeon's recommendation and the patient's preference. The implant is placed under the mammary gland (if it is of a satisfactory size) or under the pectoral muscle. The right implant is chosen based on the pre-operation consultation and according to the patient’s wishes for a perfect result.

The new generation of implants that have been widely used during the past years have silicone gel of a very natural consistency, very similar to the normal breast. They also keep their shape very well over time and the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for them.

The result is durable, around 10 years if the surgery was performed correctly, if there were no immediate post-operative complications and especially if the doctor's instructions were respected.

During the post-operation period, pain varies depending on the implant’s position. For example, those implants that are located retropectoral can cause more pain which gradually fades in a few days. Physical exertion should be avoided, of course.

The intervention itself is not risk-free, but the risks are common to all surgeries: the risk that general anaesthesia implies, the risk of bleeding and infection or the appearance of a capsular contracture over time.

Breast reduction and lifting

An aesthetic and functional problem for many women: having too big or too loose breasts. These problems can be corrected by various techniques of plastic surgery.

Whether we talk about removing the glandular and tegumentary excess or about repositioning the breast without changing its volume, the ultimate goal is to get a breast that now is in a correct position, consistent and firm, with as few visible scars as possible.

The intervention is performed under general anaesthesia, the surgery lasts 2-3 hours on average and the pain after surgery is minimal.

If we deal with a large and saggy breast, then the patient will have three scars: one around the areola, a vertical one from the areola to the inframammary fold and one along the inframamar fold. The scars are short, visible only when sitting in a lying position. The most important thing is for your breast to heal nicely; the scars will diminish over time, becoming almost invisible.

Due to the fact that the mammary gland is suspended in the pectoral muscle after remodelling, the result is quite durable over time.

breast surgery Dr. Crenguta Coman

The most common female complex remains the size of the breasts.

Anti-aging non-surgical procedures

Dr. Crenguta Coman performs these procedures and believes in natural results, when you desire a more youthful look. Only knowing more about these injectables, you will discover how benefic they are for “stopping” time.

breast surgery dr crenguta coman
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