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About Dr. Crenguta Coman


In 1999, she graduated the Faculty of General Medicine at the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest and in 2001, after her Residency exam, she became a resident in plastic surgery, the field in which she always wanted to practice.

She spent six years of Residency at the Clinical Emergency Hospital of Bucharest and at the Clinical Emergency Hospital of Plastic Surgery, Reconstruction and Burns of Bucharest, where she learnt surgical techniques required to solve emergency and chronic conditions. During those years, she became a better specialist by gathering knowledge and experience in all plastic surgery fields.

After becoming a specialist doctor in 2007, she worked at “ProEstetica” Medical Center and then at the “Bagdasar-Arseni” Emergency Clinical Hospital. All complex cases treated during this period, helped her gain the experience she has today.

From 2012 to 2017, she was part of the medical team at “Saint John” Emergency Clinical Hospital in Bucharest, becoming senior plastic surgeon in 2013.

Her passion for microsurgery was rewarded with a PhD in this very difficult field of plastic surgery. Moreover, the experience she gained at the “Chang Gung” Memorial Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, under the guidance of Professor Fu Chan Wei and his team, was another milestone that helped her solve many complex cases of reconstructive microsurgery.

During all these 18 years of surgical practice, she kept up with the evolution and appearance of new techniques around the world and also put into practice everything she learnt. She attended international congresses and workshops in Brazil, USA, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Russia and Taiwan, which proved to be actual sources of inspiration and also important steps in her professional development.

Nowadays, she is a plastic surgeon at “Eliade” and “Dermalife” Aesthetic Surgery Clinics, focusing on eyelids and body contouring surgeries. And because the future is today, she is ready to offer innovative solutions that can lead to natural and desired results, through specialized surgical procedures that are customized according to each patient.

After all these years of hard work, she remains the same honest, nice and caring person that is close to her patients and empathetic towards their problems.

She is also an active member of the Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons, the Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society and of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

It's time for the future – 4D Liposculpture

Dr. Coman’s technique, 4D Liposculpture, using Body-Jet technology can be used not only to remove undesired fat, but to sculpt every part of the body, improving contour, enhancing buttocks, breasts or any other parts. 4D Liposculpture is used to reshape our body in the safest and fastest way with long-lasting results.

liposculptura 4d dr crenguta coman
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