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It's time for the future – 4D Liposculpture

Dr. Crenguta Coman's technique, the 4D Liposculpture using Body-Jet technology, can be used not only to remove undesired fat, but to sculpt every part of the body, to generally improve the body contour, to enhance the buttocks, breasts or other body parts. The 4D Liposculpture is used to reshape the body in the safest and fastest way, with long-lasting results.

About the procedure

The 4D Liposculpture is a liposuction procedure assisted by technology, through which the body is completely sculpted to achieve the desired silhouette. It is the newest lipo-aspiration trend, being an extremely safe and fast procedure, with unbeatable results.

After many years of using classical liposuction with good results, Dr. Crenguta Coman now uses the Body-Jet technology, meaning WAL (Water Assisted Liposuction) to make a real 4D liposculpture. The advantages of this procedure are numerous, being the only one able to lead to such spectacular results.

Why is this procedure so effective? In order to understand its benefits clearly, it is important to know all the details about fat; we also need to understand what water-assisted liposuction means and why the technology used matters so much.

4d liposculpture dr crenguta coman

Fat is a very useful tissue in aesthetic surgery, but undesired by many. We all try not to get fat, to maintain our silhouette, but most of the time we do not succeed. Some of us do not have weight problems, but only some stubborn fat deposits that do not want to disappear, although we have a healthy lifestyle. What do we do then? After we conclude that diets or sport do not help us, we sign in for a liposuction.

The final result depends on the way we manage to extract the fat and sculpt the body, on the recovery period and the discomfort associated with the procedure. If we use a fatty aspiration technique and the adipose cell is not destroyed in a short time, it can be injected into the areas where it is needed (buttocks, breasts, face, arms, pectoral region, thighs) and it will not resorb itself - it will survive and integrate into the tissues.

The Body-Jet technology is able to help the surgeon achieve these amazing results through absolute tissue care, combined with superior suction efficiency. Body-Jet has been specifically created for 4D liposuction, making a mild but also very effective liposuction with water. The tissue’s hydrodynamics leads to the gathering of intact fat cells and also manages to prepare this fat that was extracted for lipo-filling.

The innovations of Body-Jet technology

During liposuction, the mechanical force effect is low, due to moderate suction and selective power of the water-jet technology, allowing the cannula to be easier to handle and making the process more comfortable for both the patient and the surgeon.

The precise detachment of fat cells from the tissue’s structure leaves the vessels and nerves intact, reduces the recovery time and lowers the rate of complications. The simultaneous irrigation and aspiration, paired with a smaller volume of fluid used (approx. 70% less fluid used for pre-infiltration), reduces stress on the tissue.

For lipo-filling, there is no need for centrifugation or other processing procedures, which means a shorter operation time and most important, a better quality of the fat extracted and a higher surviving rate.

The smooth mixture of the fat collected in the container improves the consistency of the fat removed from different body areas (thighs and abdomen). The cannulas enhance the innovative use of the water-jet. They are master pieces of technology, designed particularly for this system. They are gently detaching the fat cells from the tissue by using simultaneous aspiration, this procedure saving time and offering protection to the fat cells that were extracted. Also, the pressure used can be adjusted depending on the tissue from where we want to extract. As a result, the surrounding adipose tissue, as well as the nerves and blood vessels, are less traumatised. The extracted fat is gently separated from the remaining fluid in the container – Lipo-Collector - and can be immediately used for fat transfer.

Information for the patient

This procedure can be done under general or local anaesthesia, depending on the complexity of the surgery, this special technology ensuring that everything is painless. As with any other surgical procedure, blood analysis and pre- anaesthesia consultation are required.

The procedure may last from one to three hours. The duration may change if we combine it with lipo-filling or another surgery like abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, brachioplasty, blepharoplasty or thigh lift.

During the recovery period, the patient must wear a special garment for 4-6 weeks and he/she can return to his/her usual routine after 2-3 days or a week, depending on the procedure. The recovery time is short and the post-operation pain is minimum. Due to the fact that the quality of the fat is so good and the reabsorption rate is very low, in the range of 20%, there is no need to repeat the intervention if we are happy with the result.

This procedure will take place at “Eliade” Clinic and if general anaesthesia is required, the patient will spend one night under medical supervision in the clinic. The clinic also offers postoperative treatments, like remodelling massages and other professional therapies for body care.

For any additional information about 4D Liposculpture, you may schedule an appointment with Dr. Crenguta Coman.

4d liposculture

Dr. Crenguta Coman's technique can be used to sculpt each body part.

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